How were these designed?

May 20, 2015 Allen Tan

All items in the AOTM program go through an intensive design process of prototyping, testing, analyzing, and refining. In this picture you can see how far the M9 has come. In the back you see the early models looked nothing like the current product. This is where great team work and the endless pursuit of perfection comes in handy.

What are AOTM Models Made Of?

May 20, 2015 Allen Tan

The body of AOTM models are made of ABS plastic, the same durable stuff as popular children's building blocks and many other hard use items. We manufacture our ABS using 3D Printing technology. This lets us make really complicated low production run parts. For example, the Standard Ordnance Training Set (SOT) has 144 engineered parts, all produced on the 3D printers. By using this method, we can put all of our resources into the design process instead of worrying about the costs of setting up for production. For other parts, such as springs, we use industrial-grade high quality components to...

AOTM Standard Color Coding

May 18, 2015 Allen Tan

Recognizing that great teaching tools are intuitive to understand (for both instructors and students), we created a standard color code for the parts in our models. These are based off of ordnance color coding when possible, otherwise we did what made sense. All of the teaching models in the AOTM program use this color code unless otherwise specified. That said, we are all about delivering a product that is valuable to you, so let us know if you need something different and we will do our best. The CODE: Blue = Munition/Fuze Body (signals inert) White = Components involved in...