Press Coverage

May 19, 2015 Allen Tan

Thanks to all those who have expressed interest in the AOTM program! This is a list of links to online news/media on the program: 2015, September: USA Today, 3D printers are new weapon in fight against landmines 2015, September: FastCompany, Innovation by Design Award Finalist! 2015, June: 3D-DRUCKEN.DE, Sprengsätze entschärfen dank 3D-Druck und AOTM 2015, May: Fast Co.DESIGN, The Latest Weapon In Defusing Bombs Is 3-D Printed 2015, May: Popular Mechanics, 3D-Printed Fuses Can Teach Bomb Diffusers Without Blowing Them Up 2015, May: 3D Print, New Program Introduces 3D Printed Fuzes, Landmines & Grenades as Training Aids 2015, May:, 3D...

Journal of Mine Action

May 19, 2015 Allen Tan

You can learn more about the methodology and background of this program by reading our article in the Summer 2014 edition of the Journal of Mine Action.