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May 19, 2015 Allen Tan

Thanks to all those who have expressed interest in the AOTM program! This is a list of links to online news/media on the program:

2015, September: USA Today, 3D printers are new weapon in fight against landmines

2015, September: FastCompany, Innovation by Design Award Finalist!

2015, June: 3D-DRUCKEN.DE, Sprengsätze entschärfen dank 3D-Druck und AOTM

2015, May: Fast Co.DESIGN, The Latest Weapon In Defusing Bombs Is 3-D Printed

2015, May: Popular Mechanics, 3D-Printed Fuses Can Teach Bomb Diffusers Without Blowing Them Up

2015, May: 3D Print, New Program Introduces 3D Printed Fuzes, Landmines & Grenades as Training Aids

2015, May:, 3D printed fuse assemblies teach locals how to remove landmines

2015, February: Geeks in Cambodia, Retrospective: Inside 3D Printing Singapore

2015, February: 3D Everyday News, HP, Demining, and the Makers of Singapore Go Inside 3D Printing

2015, January: 3D Printing Industry, 3D Printed Explosives Replicas Standardize Bomb Disposal Worldwide

We will update this list as they comes!

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