Standard Ordnance Training Set

SOTS M9 Fuze: Variable Time w/ USB‐charged internal battery

SOTS M9 Fuze: Variable Time w/ USB‐charged internal battery

Part of the SOTS set, but also available individually here.

This is cutting edge stuff. This fuze is used to simulate VT/Proximity to students. The fuze uses a PIR in the nose to monitor movement in front of the fuze, reenforcing 45-dgrees to the rear. An internal micro controller simulates the wait time requirement.

All of this is controlled by the instructor simply removing the arming pin! No buttons, switches or other nonsense required for operation.

If the fuze is "fired", a LED and buzzer provide an indisputable penalty that can only be stopped by inserting the pin.

The internal battery is a rechargeable using standard USB micro, so if you loose/forget the provided charger you can use your mobile phone charger, computer or power-pack (we hate proprietary charging systems).

Learning points specific to the M9:

  • Capacitor
  • Wait time
  • Proximity
  • Approach Angles
The M9 also incorporates the AOTM Color Code for intuitive learning.
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